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Kern 400W Lasers

  • Laser cutting in Tacoma, WA on the Kern 400w Laser that cuts acrylic and wood.
  • Laser Cutting and Etching on our Kern 400 watt laser that cuts and engraves acrylic, wood and much more!


Two Kern 400W Lasers


High-speed lasers to cut and engrave up to 50″ x 48″on materials such as; Acrylic, PET-G, Wood, Cardboard, Glass, Foam, Corian, Aluminum, Leather, Brass and more. We can cut single prototypes or thousands of production parts. We can work with your cut files or we can help create them. These two lasers are our workhorses and do a majority of our high quantity jobs. They compliment our MultiCam 400w laser very nicely. Give us a call to discuss your project.