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The right equipment can mean all the difference. With that in mind, we’re always evaluating the best-in-class technologies available to help serve our clients. Take a look at what we’re using today!

Vacuum and Drape Forming

Laser Cutting & Etching



Two Kern 400W Lasers

High-speed lasers to cut and engrave up to 50″ x 48″on materials such as; Acrylic, PET-G, Wood, Cardboard, Glass, Foam, Corian, Aluminum, Leather, Brass and more. We can cut single prototypes or thousands of production parts. We can work with your cut files or we can help create them. These two lasers are our workhorses and do a majority of our high quantity jobs. They compliment our MultiCam 400w laser very nicely.

MultiCam 2000 Series Laser

High-speed laser to cut and engrave up to 60″ x 96″on materials such as; Acrylic, PET-G, Wood, Steel, Cardboard, Glass, Foam, Corian, Aluminum, Leather, Brass and more. We can cut single prototypes or thousands of production parts. We can work with your cut files or we can help create them. This laser uses the MultiVision Digital Registration system to compensate for distortion or image drift. It’s also an industry standard meaning we can likely cut your job for you regardless of where it’s been printed. With our other two Kern Lasers, there isn’t much we can’t cut or engrave.

Fuji Acuity Advance Flatbed Digital Printer

Our Fuji Flatbed UV printer is the ultimate platform for printing on rigid and flexible media, delivering near-photographic quality images across a diverse range of creative digital print applications. Our printer features industry leading technology to deliver superb performance at affordable price points with a large maximum printing size of 49.5″ x 98″. We commonly print on materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate, sintra, styrene, wood, vinyl, aluminum, ABS and kydex. The list of materials we can print on is even longer. And if we need to print on a rolled material, we have our HP 360 Latex Printer.

HP 360 Latex Printer

Our Printing Department features the HP Latex 360 Printer which produces indoor and outdoor prints on a variety of traditional signage substrates—even textiles. And high-quality, durable prints provide scratch resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks. The higher-volume, 64″ HP Latex 360 Printer prints up to 978 ft2/hr and increases application versatility with an ink collector for porous textiles. The printer also features automatic front-to-back registration for printing double-sided banners. Coupled with our laminating options and our Fuji flatbed printer, we can create basically anything to help with your retail or personal needs.

Vacuum Forming

Curved, smooth edges with different heights and details doesn’t scare us or our vacuum former! We are able to produce displays, machine guards and parts, Starbucks lids, and more, up to 4′ x 4′ with this added functionality. Often times we can use your mold or we can create one for you. Once your parts are molded, we use our MultiCam CNC router to cut them to finished sizes. Common materials we form with our PET-G, ABS, Styrene and Kydex.

MultiCam APEX3R CNC Router

This CNC router can cut a variety of materials, including plastic, wood, foam, and composite materials. It cuts up to 1,400 inches per minute, 1 inch thick acrylic and even has the ability to cut paper with a drag knife. Using the same industry standard MultiVision system that our lasers and printers use, we’ve created an efficient cutting and printing workflow in all facets of our business.

More Tools

Mimaki Plotter: Precision cutting on vinyl and printed vinyl

Mistral Laminator: Laminating materials up to 65″ wide and 2″ inches thick, with upper heat roller.

Edge Finishers: Finishing extruded and cast acrylic plastic edges. A must for our crystal clear bonds.

Onsrud Routers: Inverted routers for safe and efficient routing.

Panel Saw: Precise and safe cutting for oversize sheets.

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