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Extra large in a new dimension

Extra large in a new dimension

It was a great pleasure to be working with @stanley_brand on creating 5' and 10' tall versions of their famous tumblers.

This cup was constructed using a PETG skeleton and skin, thermal welded together for great durability, hence creating a solid yet relatively lightweight product.

The extra-large handles were CNC cut and shaped out of MDF for the 5' cup and expanded foam PVC for the 10' tall cup. These were laminated together, filled and shaped, painted and then mechanically fastened to the cups body for a solid feel, just like the real cup.

Creating a detailed and accurate replica, the top is a multi-piece vacuum formed assembly which resembles the original top right down to the smallest details.

To finish it all off we wrapped the main body with 3M matte white vinyl and then added a brushed silver accent strip around the top perimeter.

Creating the cup was a fun process. Making sure it arrives in one piece, we created a custom crate and supplied instructions on how to safely remove the cup from the crate.