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Before jumping into any project we will dedicate time to thoroughly plan out and detail the construction process. The majority of all projects are engineered using Solidworks. Once the design is complete this process makes it very easy to prove any theories before sending cut files to a machine. Files can be altered quickly if a change is needed which helps streamline the construction process. 

We take great pride in our design and engineering. There is always a great amount of thought and discussion as to what's the best method to get from point A to point B. Sometimes the obvious is the better choice. And, of course, trying something new can have better results.

We work with programs such as Solidworks, Adobe Suite, Corel Suite, Enroute, SketchUp, Meshlabs, Blender and of course Microsoft based utilities.

If there's a solution to be had, you can almost guarantee we'll find a way.


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