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VO-Thermo (1)


Thermoforming or vacuum forming is achieved by heating up material and placing it over a mold or fixture. The material is then pulled over the mold or fixture while using vacuum. The material takes shape over this mold, cools for a short period of time and the vacuum is reversed to detach the material. It is then trimmed to size and deburred for a finished part.

Thermoforming can be used with a variety of materials, which can be applied to a wide range of industry.

  • PETG
  • Styrene
  • ABS
  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • PP
  • Acrylic
  • PVC

Thermoforming is great for a seamless part with smooth flowing transitions in geometry. Limited mainly by size and the length of pull, a part that would typically require more time to fabricate can be done using thermoforming in a much shorter period of time. This can usually reduce the cost of the part by a dramatic margin, specifically when quantities are of a larger volume.


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